China 1991 12 oz Silver Goat

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1991 12 oz Silver Goat 100 Yuan Proof Coin

The above coin is a 99.9% pure, silver, 12 ounce Chinese Zodiac coin bearing the legal tender face value of 100 yuan. In this set of 12 ounce silver coins, each obverse face shows a well-known Chinese architectural accomplishment, and the reverse shows one of the creatures of the Chinese lunar cycle. This coin, produced in 1991, shows the goat on the reverse face and the Yueyang Tower on the obverse face. In 1991, 1000 12 ounce, silver coins featuring the Tower and the goat were released.

The obverse face bears the writing, “The People’s Republic of China,” inscribed above the image of the Yueyang Tower. The tower was built in the Hunan Province in the town of Yueyang, at the strategic point where the Yangtze River meets Lake Dongting. It was erected during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280 AD) for the purposes of military training. Below the image of the tower is the year of release, 1991.

“Picture of Three Goats,” painted by Ren Bonian, appears on the reverse face. Ren lived from 1840 to 1896, and was greatly influenced by his time living in Shanghai. At that time, he learned to combine traditional Chinese techniques with more modern or popular styles of painting. Ren tended to use bright color and striking, thick brushstrokes. The picture shows three goats romping together by a tree. One can see the motion that Ren conveys in his work by the positioning and the detail of the goats. To the left of the goats appears the legal tender value of the coin, 100 yuan.

Those born in the Year of the Goat are said to be artistic and creative people. They may also be deep thinkers who are interested in theories and philosophy. People born in this year are thought to be nurturing and giving people who enjoy helping their friends and family. Though they are social creatures, they may shy away from being the center of attention.

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