China 1997 12 oz Silver Ox

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1997 12 oz Silver Ox 100 Yuan Proof Coin

Above is a 99.9% pure, silver coin weighing 12 ounces. This set of coins each features one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. As this coin was minted in 1997, the Year of the Ox, it features a cow and her calf on the reverse face. Each of these coins also features a Chinese architectural accomplishment on the obverse face. This coin features the Mingyuan Tower. In all, 500 of these coins were authorized by the China Mint in 1997.

On the obverse face is a rendering of the Mingyuan Tower and the lettering meaning, \"The People's Republic of China.\" The tower is the main building of the Jiangnan Examination School. Here, those who desired to be civil servants would take the examinations authorized by Imperial China. This building housed more than 20,000 rooms for these examinations. The building is now a museum where visitors can learn about the examination process of Imperial China. Visitors can even take simulated exams. Below the tower is the year of minting, 1997.

The opposing face of the coin portrays, “Pair of Cows,” by Liu Jiyou (1918-1983). Liu was the son of Chinese artist Liu Kuiling. Liu Jiyou was well known for his paintings of animals and nature. In later years, he became more involved in figure painting. In his works, one can see his use of Western and Chinese techniques together. This painting shows a cow nursing her calf under the shade of a tree. Under the cow’s hind legs, one can see the denomination, 100 yuan.

Those born in this year are known to be very dependable and accountable, but also authoritative and determined. Because the ox is considered to be a reliable creature, it sometimes is associated with being stubborn or even narrow-minded. Overall, one can depend on an ox, just as the calf depends on its mother for nourishment.

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