China 1998 12 oz Silver Tiger

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1998 12 oz Silver Tiger 100 Yuan Proof Coin

This coin is the 1998 Year of the Tiger coin in the set of 99.9% pure, silver, 12 ounce Chinese Zodiac coins. Each of the coins in the series features a famous work of Chinese architecture on the obverse face and an animal of the Chinese Zodiac on the reverse face. These coins were produced between 1988 and 1999. This particular design has a mintage of 500.

The obverse face of this coin shows the Chinese lettering that signifies, \"The People's Republic of China.\" It also shows the year of production at the bottom edge, 1998. On the center of the obverse face is a rendering of the gateway to the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China. This section of the wall is just outside of Beijing, and is thus very popular with visitors to the Wall. This particular section was completed in 1505 AD during the Ming Dynasty, though the Wall's construction began in the years of the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC).

\"Picture of a Roaring Tiger\" by Hu Shuang'an, who lived and worked in China between 1916 and 1988. This illustration shows a tiger climb up a rock, next to a shrub. The tiger turns its head as if to roar or chuff at the onlooker. One can see the detail and motion Hu employed in painting the original. Hu was known for his tiger paintings, which often depicted tigers roaring or leaping. To the right of the tiger and above the shrub is the face value of the coin, 100 yuan.

The tiger is \"King of the Beasts\" in Chinese culture. It is considered to be one of the one of the four heavenly guardians of China, along with the dragon, the phoenix and the tortoise. In Chinese culture, the tiger is an icon of courage and bravery. Those born in this year are said to be spontaneous, and even reckless. They may also be very independent and excellent leaders who never back down from an obstacle or issue. Hu captures the spirit of the tiger in his painting with its powerful, lithe body and roaring maw.

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