China 1988 5 oz Silver Dragon

50 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1988 5 oz Silver Dragon 50 Yuan Proof Coin

The coin pictured above is one of twelve 5 ounce, 99.9% pure, silver coins released by the China Mint to honor the twelve animals of the zodiac. Here, one can see an image of the 5 ounce silver 1988 Year of the Dragon Coin. This coin bears the legal tender face value of 50 yuan, contains 99.9% pure silver, and is 70 millimeters in diameter. Like the other coins in this series, the dragon coin is proof in quality, meaning that the metal was struck multiple times and the background has a mirror-like finish. A full set of coins was released between 1987 and 1998.

On the reverse face of this coin, one can see the rendering of an ancient illustration of Chinese dragons. Here, one can see three dragons circling a pearl. The scaly, mythical creatures are surrounded by a raised ring of silver. The border that surrounds the ring features four more snake-like dragons. At the bottom edge of the reverse face, one can see the denomination of the coin, 50 yuan. In total, 5000 of these coins were authorized for release in 1988.

The obverse face of the coin shows the Great Wall of China, whose construction started sometime during the Qin Dynasty and lasted until the end of the Ming Dynasty some 2000 years later. The Wall winds up a mountainside in this image. One can see two guard towers where soldiers would look out for tribal invaders in earlier years of China’s long history. Above the wall, one can see the Chinese characters representing, “The People’s Republic of China.” Below the wall is the year of issue, 1988.

Because the dragon is the only mythical animal of the Chinese zodiac, it is thought to be an extremely fortuitous sign to be born under. Those born in this year are considered to be lucky and powerful. They may also possess strong leadership qualities and a charismatic personality. Dragons may also possess a tendency towards hubris, as they may have the qualities of arrogance and impulsiveness.

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