China 1990 5 oz Silver Horse

50 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1990 5 oz Silver Horse 50 Yuan Proof Coin

This coin is one of twelve that make up a set of coins released to honor the Chinese zodiac. These coins all contain 5 ounces of 99.9% pure silver, measure 70 millimeters in diameter, and are proof in quality. This coin, released in 1990, honors the Year of the Horse with a dynamic horse illustration on the reverse face and a famous work of architecture on the obverse face. This coin has a mintage of 1000.

The obverse face of this coin, like the others in the series, shows the wording, “The People’s Republic of China” at the very top edge of the coin. Below the famous work of architecture is the year of issue, 1990. The building featured here is the Dacheng Hall, a structure located at the Temple of Confucius in Qufu. Qufu was the birthplace of the wise scholar and philosopher, and the Dacheng Hall is the most famous building that honors him and his teachings. The building has two gables, and it is adorned with multiple columns decorated with mythical creatures.

On the reverse face of the coin, one can see a reproduction of a painting of two horses standing side by side and drinking from a fresh water stream. Xu Beihong, a highly renowned Chinese artist of the 20th century, was the painter of the original. Xu Beihong employed the use of both Chinese and Western technique in his work, and he particularly favored natural subjects, like horses. Just below the gentle waves of the stream is the denomination of the coin, 50 yuan.

Those people born in the Year of the Horse are thought to be fiercely independent, wild, and strong-willed. They are also thought to be highly intelligent and self-confident. Often, if one attempts to tame a horse, it is said that he or she will wish to escape.

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