China 1993 5 oz Silver Rooster

50 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1993 5 oz Silver Rooster 50 Yuan Proof Coin

This coin is one of twelve Chinese zodiac coins produced between 1987 and 1998. The coins are produced each year to honor the Chinese New Year, and each coin features the animal that corresponds to that year on the reverse face of the coin. All of the coins in this series are of proof quality, which means that they were struck multiple times during the minting process. This gives the coins their signature mirror-like background, and the embellishments a matte, three dimensional quality. These coins are 5 ounces of pure silver, .999 in fineness, and 70 millimeters in diameter. Each of the coins shows an image of a famous work of Chinese architecture on the obverse face.

This coin was minted in 1993, the Year of the Rooster. It features an image of a rooster and a chicken on the reverse face. This image was taken from a painting by the famed Bai Ming (1926–2002). The rooster and chicken, surrounded by their chicks, are featured in Bai’s painting, “Tiandi jiechun,” “The Field Every Spring.” Bai was well known for his pastoral scenes and his talent for portraying realistic animal life. Above the cock is the denomination, 50 yuan. In all, 1000 of these coins were produced in 1993.

On the obverse face of the coin, one can see the year of issue at the very bottom edge. At the top edge, “The People’s Republic of China” is printed in Chinese lettering. In the middle of the obverse face, one can see a section of the city wall of Xi’an. Xi’an was one of the capitals of the Chinese empire, and its walls were built to ward off tribal invaders from the outer reaches of China.

The rooster, in Chinese culture, is associated with hard work, loyalty, and organization. Roosters are also known to be quite honest, as well as extremely enterprising and perfectionistic. Though they possess these highly reliable qualities, roosters are known to be sometimes proud and arrogant. They may have a penchant for boasting or bragging. In the painting, one can see the rooster proudly watching over his family. This image aptly portrays the rooster’s proud and dependable nature.

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