China 2000 1/2 oz Gold Dragon

50 Yuan Fan Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

About the China 2000 1/2 oz Gold Dragon 50 Yuan Fan Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

The coin pictured above is one of a series of twelve lunar coins issued between 2000 and 2011, each one featuring a different animal of the Chinese zodiac.  The twelve pieces that make up the series are all fan-shaped brilliant uncirculated (BU) 1/2 oz gold coins of 99.9% purity.  The fan-shaped coins have an outer arc length of 58mm and an inner arc length of 39mm, forming a central angle of 30 degrees.

This is the Year of the Dragon coin, struck in the year 2000 by the Shenzhen mint.  It has a mintage of 6,600 and a denomination of 50 yuan.  It is the only coin in this series to have such a denomination - the remaining coins have denominations of 200yuan.

The reverse face features a picture of a powerful dragon flying among clouds chasing a pearl.  Its body snakes its way across the coin face, the intricate detail of the scales on its body are clearly visible.  The denomination, 50 yuan, is inscribed in the bottom right hand corner of the reverse face.

The obverse face features an image of scenery from the Great Wall below a Chinese inscription which reads: \"The People's Republic of China\" and the year of issue, 2000.  The part of the wall featured is the Shanhai Pass, a historically important strategic pass at the very eastern end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) section of the Great Wall.  The pass served as a border defence against the tribes living in Manchuria such as the Manchus, Jurchen, and Khitan.

The dragon is the most highly revered creature in the Chinese zodiac.  It is the only mythical creature of the twelve and is thought of as divine, heavenly, and extremely powerful.  The dragon symbolises power, success, ambition, and prosperity.  As a result, those born in the Year of the Dragon are thought of as very fortunate as they will, according to Chinese astrology, be successful and happy.

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