China 2010 1/2 oz Gold Tiger

200 Yuan Fan Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

About the China 2010 1/2 oz Gold Tiger 200 Yuan Fan Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

A series of twelve brilliant uncirculated fan-shaped lunar coins each weighing 1/2 oz and containing 99.9% pure gold with mintages of 6,600 per piece were issued to commemorate the animals featured in the Chinese zodiac between 2000 and 2011.  The above coin celebrates the 2010 Year of the Tiger.  Its face value is 200 yuan and was first issued on 22nd October 2009 by the People's Bank of China.  Like the other coins in the series, it has a distinctive fan shape with an outside edge of 58mm and an inside edge of 39mm.

Displayed on the reverse face of the Year of the Tiger coin is a rendering of an image of a prone tiger.  In the background to the left is a stylised depiction of a tiger's head.  Above and to the right is an inscription of the face value.  The tiger is a powerful creature in traditional Chinese culture.  It embodies such traits as leadership, spontaneity, passion, and daring.  People with the tiger as their zodiac sign always rise to a challenge and never back down.  While they are affectionate and generous people, their daring and spontaneity borders on recklessness and they can be quite impatient.

The design on the obverse face is of the Drum Tower of Jiuquan city lying in the north western part of Gansu province at the western end of the Great Wall.  The Drum Tower was built in 343 AD and was originally called Night Watchman's Tower at the east gate until the city expanded and the tower became part of the inner city itself.  The inscription: “The People's Republic of China”, appears at the top of the coin face above the year of issue.

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