China 1991 12 oz Silver Panda

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1991 12 oz Silver Panda 100 Yuan Proof Coin

In 1991, nineteen different panda coins were released by the Chinese Mint. Five of those released are silver and fourteen are gold. Above is the 12 ounce, 99.9% pure, silver panda coin bearing the face value of 100 yuan and measuring 80 millimeters in diameter. This design shows The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests on the obverse face, and a scene of three pandas on the reverse face. In all, 2500 of these coins were minted in 1991.

On the top of the obverse face, one can read, \\"The People's Republic of China,\\" in Chinese characters, and the year of release on the bottom edge. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests appears in the center of the obverse face. It is one of the main buildings at the Temple of Heaven, located in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven was erected by the Yongle Emperor between the years of 1406 and 1420.  The Hall of Prayer was established for the rulers of China as place to pray for a healthy and plentiful harvest each year. Each year, a good crop would reestablish the emperor's connection to heaven.

On the reverse face, the metallic properties of the coin are listed: \\"contains .999 Ag, twelve ounces of our silver.\\" This inscription appears on the left upper side of the reverse face, next to which is the face value, 100 yuan. The image on this side of the coin features three pandas, a mother and her two cubs. One cub is perched on a tree branch, watching the scene below. The other cub plays with a piece of bamboo, while its mother watches closely. Bamboo, a symbol of tranquility, graces the right side of the coin. The scene is peaceful, familial and scenic. The pandas appear to be in a meadow with blooming flowers. The panda has long been a sign of China's natural beauty.

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