China 1990 5 oz Silver Panda

50 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1990 5 oz Silver Panda 50 Yuan Proof Coin

In 1990, The People's Bank of China authorized the release of twenty-six collectible panda coins. Sixteen of these designs were created in gold, five designs were created in silver, four designs were created in platinum, and one design of both silver and gold was created. The obverse face of this coin features an image of the Temple of Heaven, located in Beijing. The Temple was once used for a sanctuary where emperors journeyed to pray for a bountiful harvest to provide for their people. \\"The People's Republic of China\\" appears on the top of the obverse face, written in Chinese characters. Below the temple is the year of release, 1990.

The Altar of Heaven, a Taoist temple for heaven worship, was ideated by the Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty. Yongle was also responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City, another great architectural and cultural feat of dynastic rule in China. The emperors of both the Ming and Qing dynasties prayed at this complex of buildings at the beginning of winter in order to ensure the survival and growth of important crops, such as rice and wheat. When a plentiful and healthy crop would grow in the spring, the emperor's connection to heaven was solidified with tangible (and edible) evidence.

This is one of the five designs struck in silver during the year of 1990. It is five ounces of silver, .999 in fineness, 70 millimeters in diameter and proof in quality. In all, 5000 of these coins were released by the China Mint in 1990. The reverse face of this coin shows two pandas, one scaling a tree, and the other on the ground below, curiously contemplating a patch of bamboo. Pandas have long been a symbol of Yin and Yang in Chinese culture, as the panda's fur is both black and white. On the left of the coin's face, one can see the specifications of the coin, \\"50 Yuan, containing five ounces of 99.9% pure silver, 5 oz. Ag.\\"

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