China 1992 5 oz Silver Panda

50 Yuan Proof Coin

About the China 1992 5 oz Silver Panda 50 Yuan Proof Coin

This coin is one of twenty Chinese panda coins released in the year of 1992. Fourteen of these panda coins were struck in gold, five in silver, and one in both gold and silver. The reverse face of this coin depicts an image of pandas in a peaceful, natural scene. The opposing face shows the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the main sanctuary of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This coin is 5 ounces of 99.9% pure silver, and measures 70 millimeters in diameter.

The reverse face shows a depiction of two pandas, a cub and its parent gently watching over it. The two pandas are shaded by the leaves of a tree. They both appear to be looking over a rocky ledge into a flowing waterfall below. Although the numbers of pandas living in the wild have been increasing over the past twenty years, the panda is still considered an endangered species, and a very precious symbol of China. Above the parent panda, one can see the details about the coin's metallurgic properties, \".999 Ag, 5oz,\" signifying that the coin is 99.9% pure and weighs five ounces. Just beside the bent head of the baby panda, one can see the denomination of the coin, 50 yuan. The coin is of proof quality, which creates a mirrored finish to the black fur of the panda, and a matte or feathered appearance to its white patches.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is shown prominently on the obverse face of the coin. Above the temple, one can read the Chinese characters translating to, \\"The People's Republic of China.\\" Below the steps to the temple, the year of authorization, 1992, is printed. The Hall of Prayer was built between 1406 and 1420 as a sanctuary for the Emperor Yongle. The Prayer Hall is the main building of the Temple of Heaven, which was in use from 1420 to 1911. Emperors would come here during the winter solstice to pray and make sacrifices for a strong harvest. If there was a healthy crop of grain in produce come summer, the emperor's connection to the heavenly forces was reestablished. The total number of these coins released in 1992 is 3,000.

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